We are a syndicate (>1,200 accredited investor members) that invests in venture backed companies using zero carry SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles)

We aggregate demand from our members and then approach founders to secure allocations.

For investors:

Join our investor community

For founders:

We will either approach the founder or the founder can request a referral from an existing syndicate member. We do not offer a way for founders to directly submit deals to the syndicate

How does it working

  1. We aggregate commits for target companies
  2. We reach out to founders directly
  3. We’ll ask for deck and terms
  4. We will create a zero carry SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) to fund the other investment
  5. We will create a deal memo for founder review and approval
  6. We publish the deal to our syndicate
  7. Founder gets access to our mail today I community Slack





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