We are a syndicate of >1,100 accredited investors who invest in venture backed companies

We aggregate demand from our members and then approach founders to secure allocations.

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For founders:

We will either approach the founder or the founder can request a referral from an existing Alliance member. We do not offer a way for founders to directly submit deals to the Alliance


How does this compare to funds, syndicates, direct checks from angels, etc. ?

VC Fund Syndicate Direct Angel Investment RUV
Who gets voting rights on the shares issued? VC Fund Syndicate Angel Investor Founder
Who creates the funding vehicle? VC Fund Syndicate N/A Founder (or RUV Alliance)
Investor valuation sensitivity High due to overhead from management fees and carry Medium due to overhead from carry Low Low
Cap table entries 1, but can have up to 99-240 LPs 1, but can have up to 99-240 LPs N, where N is # of angels 1, but can have up to 99-240 LPs
Founder has direct control over who is on cap table No No Yes Yes
Wires per round 1 1 N, where N is # of angels 1
Who sources LPs (investors who provide bulk of capital) VC Fund Syndicate Lead Founder RUV Alliance

How does it work (detailed guide) TLDR:

  1. We aggregate commits for target companies
  2. We reach out to founders directly
  3. We’ll ask for deck and terms
  4. We will create a Roll Up Vehicle (RUV) and add CEO as an admin
  5. We will create a deal room and deal summary for founder review and approval
  6. We publish the deal to our entire community of accredited investors
  7. Founder gets access to the community
  8. Close the RUV (e-sign one set of docs and accept one wire) whenever founder wants


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